Many today are looking into ways of trying to make themselves healthier. There are so many diseases that the body can get from Diabetes to heart disease that it is important to make sure that we stay healthy, physically.

Aerobic fitness encompasses a range of activities such as walking and swimming. Whatever your age or athletic capabilities, this type of exercise has numerous benefits. Here are some of the most important.

What Does Aerobic Fitness Do?

Before explaining the benefits of this type of fitness, it is important to understand exactly why it triggers such a positive response in the body. An aerobic workout – also referred to as cardio – will cause your breathing to deepen and your heart rate to increase. This causes a dilation of the capillaries which permits a greater flow of oxygen around the body. Numerous scientific also support the fact that it triggers a measurable rise in endorphins, which can potentially boost your happiness levels.

The increased pumping action which promotes circulation has two significant benefits. Firstly, it strengthens the heart muscle so that it will pump blood with greater efficiency. The primary reason for this is to increase your level of fitness so that your body adapts to greater intensities of exercise, but it also has implications for a person’s health.

Regular cardio and a strengthened heart muscle has been linked with a fifty percent reduction in the risk of suffering a heart attack or heart failure. There is also excellent evidence that exercising five times per week will reduce chronic blood pressure in most patients, alleviating the need for medication. In addition to this, the physical effects of cardiovascular activity are believed to improve the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and insulin production. This is good news, since most Westernized societies are facing a diabetes epidemic.

The second advantage of improved oxygen circulation is that it helps to stimulate the muscle building process. Cardio workouts are one of the simplest ways to boost your stamina and reduce your levels of fatigue, and the weight bearing exercises have long term implications for a person’s mobility. People who do aerobic exercise for just ninety minutes a week are more than three times as likely to maintain their mobility and independence over the age of seventy. This type of activity is also essential for lowering the risk of health problems such as osteoporosis, particularly in women.

Aerobic Fitness Workout

Aerobic Fitness Workout


Aerobic Fitness Benefits

An additional benefit of cardio fitness is the effect which it has on the mind. Long term studies concur that exercise reduces the cognitive decline which can be a natural part of the aging process. Many health professionals also support the idea that aerobic exercise can alleviate the symptoms of several mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Although the mechanisms of this are not fully understood, it is believed that it could be related to the stimulation of endorphins and other important “mood chemicals” in the brain.

Cardio fitness is of enormous benefit when it comes to improving both physical and mental health. It can help you to live a longer and happier life by reducing your personal risk of chronic disease, and can help you to maintain your mobility and independence. It is also extremely easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.

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